About Us

Kıyı Istanbul, designed with the partnership of foreign investors, was brought to life in Istanbul, a metropolis with an exciting location and dynamic population.

Having the advantage of the support given by the state to foreign investors, Kıyı İstanbul Çarşı Marina aims to strengthen the maritime and yachting culture in İstanbul. In order to create an unprecedented living space in the region, besides offering privileged experiences, it also makes a great contribution to the employment of the region.

Our vision, as an environmental organization is to create value together with our business partners by fulfilling all the responsibilities required for a clean sea and to keep the maritime culture alive to pass it on to future generations.

Our mission is with our strategies to influence the maritime ındustry, make Kıyı Istanbul Marina the number one meeting point for our yachting enthusiasts and be there for them whenever they need it, with the highest level of service.

It is among our goals to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the region with shopping, entertainment and activity units in the marina and Carsi and to support the local workforce.

Today, Kıyı Istanbul is one of Büyükçekmece's most exciting investments, not only for maritime enthusiast, but also for locals. Carsi with a rich brand mix, unique and stunning atmosphere, it is one of the best Marina project that bring together the great experiences not only in Turkey but also in Europe.