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Hosting the World in Istanbul: Local Texture, Global Ambiance

Established on an area of 88,000m2, Kıyı İstanbul Downtown, brings Europe's most iconic cities to life in İstanbul! Downtown, where around 200 exclusive stores are located, is accompanied by a 1200-meter shoreline. Kıyı Istanbul, where you will discover different surprises in every shade of blue, is your new home on the coast of the Marmara Sea with its first class service approach.

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Kıyı Istanbul Downtown-Marina is one of the most exclusive marinas in Istanbul. It is not only a marina, but also providesintegrity with the Downtown, Yacht Club, Hotel, Residence, Health sector.

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Entertainment gains a whole new definition in Kıyı İstanbul! While you enjoy moving, socializing and regenerating in our tennis court, pool, SPA and fitness areas, increase the taste you add to your life with exclusive gourmet restaurants. Now is the time to discover one of the most exclusive yacht clubs in the world!